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Yeastar S412 VoIP PBX

S412 is a flexible and modular VoIP PBX that provides productivity-enhancing communication platform with a compact and powerful analog and VoIP capable system for small business.

  • S412-back
  • S412-front
  • S412-left-1

Yeastar S412 VoIP PBX

• Up to 12 FXS Extensions
• Up to 4 CO/BRI lines
• 8 VoIP Users
• 8 Concurrent Calls
• 2 GSM/WCDMA/4G LTE Channels

Free lifetime software/firmware upgrade assure reliability over the years.

Protected from Internet hackers, viruses with built-in firewall, TLS, SRTP, and more.

Easy to Use
Save time with streamlined installation. Manage PBX on the intuitive Metro UI.

Powered by Freescale ARM A9 industrial grade quad-core CPU processors.

Phone Provisioning
Automatically provision phones from Yealink, Snom, VTech, and more.

Flexible Modular Design

S412 is pre-configured with 8 FXS ports and is customizable with 4 module slots, which brings you flexible combination of FXS, FXO and BRI interfaces.

  • 2 module slots for internal extension
  • 2 module slots for external lines

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